About Kristine Proctor, MSW, LCSW

Kristine is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified EMDR therapist who specializes in stress management, personal and professional goal attainment and relationships. She provides therapy, executive and life coaching and consultation at her Maitland office or through live video conference all over the globe.

Kristine helps people who are generally very successful and happy in life but who have run into an issue with work or a relationship and want some extra support to build skills. She works with those experiencing major life transitions, anxiety, depression, grief, parenting challenges, adoption and attachment issues, marital stressors and those who have been victims of significant trauma. Kristine also provides psychological testing and assessment and consults with organizations regarding leadership development and organizational culture.

Kristine enjoys working with individuals of all ages, cultures, ethnicities and sexual orientations to achieve profound health, well-being and peace.

Contact information:

Phone: 269-405-0653

Email: kristine.proctor@gmail.com

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